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Roman amphitheater ruins in Arezzo

Ruins of Roman amphitheater in Arezzo

Roman amphitheater ruins in Arezzo - detail

Roman amphitheater in Arezzo - detail

Piazza Grande in Arezzo

S. Maria Assunta in Piazza Grande - Arezzo


Fountain in Perugia

Fountain in Perugia (Cortona once had a
similar but larger fountain in the main Piazza)



Assisi - the nearby church of Santa Maria degli Angeli was built 1569-1679 on the site where St. Francis of Assisi founded the Franciscan order; it is also the site where he died. It encloses the Oratory or Cappella della Porziuncola (11th Century) which is also where Saints Dominic and Francis met.

Assisi - Lower Basilica

Assisi - Lower basilica San Francesco (note the resting place of Jacopa dei Settesoli -noble Roman lady who was a friend of St. Francis- in the mezzanine as you walk down into St. Francis' tomb)

Upper Basilica

Assisi - upper basilica San Francesco

Gigi's porchetta stand on Saturday

Gigi's porchetta stand (Pza. Signorelli) on market day (Saturday) in Cortona


Olive press in frantoio near Cortona

Porta Bifora

"Porta bifora" aka Porta Ghibellina at the foot of
Via Ghibellina - closed for centuries until the mid-
1990s because the Aretine Bishop Guglielmino,
with the assistance of two Franciscan brothers,
used it to sack Cortona on Feb. 1, 1258

Palazzo del Comune

Palazzo Comunale (Town hall) - Cortona;
built in the 13th century


Palazzo Casali

Palazzo Casali (13th century, with facade by Filippo Berretini ca 1613, now houses Museo Etrusco) - Cortona

Palazzo Passerini

Palazzo Passerini (mid-1200s) - Cortona


Casa Jovanotti (Villetta Fiorita)

Jovanotti's house "Villetta Fiorita" - Cortona
on Via delle Santucce

Porta  del Morte

Medieval Door of the Dead (at left)
Via Roma - Cortona


Porta Morte 2

Medieval Door of the Dead
Via Dardano - Cortona


Cortile San Agostino

Courtyard of San Agostino - Cortona

Melone II altar

Altar in Melone II near Sodo (VI-V century BC; most of the artifacts in the Museo Etrusco in Cortona came from this tomb)

Ironwork in Cortona (Tommasi stemma)

Cortona ironwork (Tommasi family arms)

Porta Montanina

Cortona - Porta Montanina

Mura etrusca

Cortona - Etruscan wall at base (with Roman
& medieval repairs above)

Il Palazzone e Le Contesse

Il Pallazone (at upper left; country home of Silvano Passerini; built in early 1500s and contains the last fresco by Luca Signorelli and many others by Papacello) and Le Contesse (now Oasi Neumann; oldest portions date back to early 1200s) at lower right - Cortona

Abbazia Farneta

Abbazia di Farneta (Farneta Abbey, founded
ca. 700 AD) - Sun. Mass at 8:00 & 11:15

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